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Recooking The (DOPE)

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I know..I’s been less than 2 weeks. I KNOW I aint THAT POPPING to put “Under Construction” and people get all sad. AND I KNOWWWWWWWWWWW….I was giving yall that (DOPE) on a CONSISTENT BASIS. But dont worry, I’mma keep it real. This blog is more than a BLOG to me..and what I mean will be shown later. So I’m going back and reworking how I do business(cause a SUCCESSFUL blog is type like a business) so…I bid you farewell for now…but I aint gon leave you without some (DOPE)…

“This nigga Joe Budden is like Michael J Fox in Teen Wolf”-Royce Da 5’9 in above video

Mick Boogie & Terry Urban presents Viva La Hova (Mixtape)


Charles Hamilton- The L Word (Mixtape)

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Charles Hamilton- The L Word (Mixtape)

Here’s Sir Charles’ latest offereing of (DOPE)ness in The Hamiltization Process and this…ladies….he’s coming for you. This is I believe the 5th mixtape in the 8 mixtape series. Hopefully the album comes after this, see if he could make a classic album. And I’m def loving the (DOPE) cover. But reall Charles, Kirsten Dunst? Really?

Wale feat./ Duffy- Warwick Avenue (Remix)

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“You make me beat around the bush/Just to beat around your bush.”-Wale on “Warwick Avenue (Remix)

Wale feat./ Duffy- Warwick Avenue (Remix) <-Preview + Download Link

Wale waxes his typical brand of ill poetics to the ladies on this remix to British songstress Duffy’s song “Warwick Avenue“. Crazy (DOPE) original song, pretty (DOPE) remix. But…WALE WHERE THE FUCK IS THE ALBUM?!!

BTW- Duffy…THAT CHICK IS FUCKEN SERIOUS…check her out, RIGHT NOW!! Victoria would kill me if I forgot to mention that. READ MORE to check out one of my favorite Duffy tracks, “Stepping Stone.” A little taste of her (DOPE)ness.

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…And So It Begins (Video)

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“I just dont want it to seem like a ‘submitted verse’ album.”-Joel Ortiz in above video

Real talk, this shit right here got me a little choked up. Joe Budden, Royce Da 5’9, Joel Ortiz & Crooked I(not in video) are MAKING AN ALBUM TOGETHER. But that’s not what got me all emotional and shit(still a G, though). When Joel said the ABOVE quote, that made me think..”This is going to be something special.” Like, we all know Jay and Nas recorded “Black Republicans” seperately. We all know that Eminem and Jay recorded “Renegade” seperately and that there hasn’t be a BIG GROUP album this anticipated since “The Firm.” Make this happen. FLY TO ALASKA AND RECORD IN A PALIN IGLOO STUDIO FOR ALL I CARE. MAKE IT HAPPEN! We’re on the threshold of history. Don’t miss out people. THIS IS BEYOND (DOPE). This is….CLASSIC!

The Whack, The Iight and The (DOPE) Daily News

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The Whack

Fake New York

“We’re really good people. We just talk TOO much.”-Tiffany “New York” Pollard in above video

First of all, this chick is from Utica, New York but makes it out to be like she’s from the city. Second of all, she acts 24/7. So there’s no possible way I can view ANYTHING she says as real. When you act the same in reality shows as you do in…well..reality, no one will take ANYTHING you say serious. Especially when less than 3 weeks ago she was shitting on her relationship and weight. And her “mother”(not sure about that one) claiming Jennifer’s fiance doesn’t love her based on her “psychic powers.” I’m all for uniting in a time of grief, but the fact that she had to PUBLICLY ANNOUNCE that she supports Jennifer just screams “publicity please!” I’m sure there are hundreds of personal people who found ways to contact Jennifer in a private manner that was more genuine than recording a video in some parking lot that looks like she just said “oh lets get this shit over with now and here.” I never thought in my 20 years of being a New Yorker that I’d say this but..FUCK NEW YORK!

The iight

G Dep…the new King of Harlem

G Dep- King of Harlem

“I spit it from tongue, project from the larnyx/when I make flows, make notes like a clarinet.”-G Dep on “King of Harlem”

THE EPITOME OF EHHHHH. That’s what this video and song is. It’s AMAZING to see Dep is back and is spitting some pretty (DOPE) lyrics. But Dep, show SOME animation in your facial features. Some PERSONALITY. Don’t you remember, THAT’S what made you famous. I mean you can be hard and still have personality. Don’t you remember? But it’s iight. Good to have you back, Deputy.

The (DOPE)

Red Cafe & Cory Gunz Freestyle on DJ Enuff‘s A-List Radio

“Yea, yea, yea, yea, feel that fo fo/ BLACKA! BLACKA! Hello Moto.”– Red Cafe on DJ Enuff’s A List Radio Freestyle

“Pun we start to war, no need to pring the 4’s out/We (smack him in the mouth) dump the pound, flip it (Boom then I knock him out).”-Cory Gunz on DJ Enuff’s A-List Radio Freestyle

GOOOOODDDDDDD FUCKEN LAWD! I know for a fact what Cory was spitting WASN’T a freestyle(no need to put the ” “) and Red Cafe had his eyes on his Blackberry like he just saw Mya naked while he was spitting and we all know what THAT means. But Cory spitting seamlessly being interposed with ‘Pun lyrics is FUCKEN GENIUS and this kid is super fucken (DOPE). His 2nd verse was pretty ill too, but the Pun one had me rewinding about 3 or 4(lying, 40) times. Keep it up man. Seriously, keep the (DOPE) alive. Red Cafe….well he’s ight but that “Hello Moto” for some reason is not leaving my head. BLACKA! BLACKA! Hello Moto. See.

Joe Budden- Halfway House (Mixtape)

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Joe Budden- Halfway House <-Download Link

Guess there’s a leak in the Halfway House. But it was pretty lowkey. Sorry for the minimal talking here. Not really in the mood to blog today. Hope this piece of (DOPE)ness can put back in the blogging mood. ARE YOU IN THAT MOOD YET?!!

Halfway House tracklisting

1: Intro
2: On My Grind
3: Overkill
4: Check me out
5: Sidetracked
6: Slaughterhouse
7: Under The Sun
8: The Soul
9: Anything Goes
10: Go To Hell
11: Just To Be Different
12: Touch n Go

Jennifer Hudson’s 7 Year Old Nephew Shot Dead and Mutilated

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This is fucken despicable. Here’s a breakdown of the events as reported by MediaTakeOut:

  • On Friday morning at approximately 9:00 AM a gunman approached the home where Darnell Donerson (Jennifer Hudson’s mother), Jason Hudson (Jennifer’s brother) and Julian King (Jennifer’s nephew) were staying.
  • The gunman firing through the door striking Hudson’s mother and killing her instantly
  • The shooter then entered the house and continued to fire, after a brief struggle with Jason, the gunman shot and murdered him.
  • Police believe that the killer (or killers) then abducted Julian and fled in Jason’s white Chevrolet Suburban.
  • At approximately 3 PM, a family member discovered the body of Darnell and called authorities
  • Julia Hudson (Jennifer’s sister) returned home from work that evening – and learned what happened
  • Julia contacted Jennifer and told her what happened. Jennifer immediately left promoting her new movie Secret Lives Of Bees and returned to Chicago.
  • According to the Chicago Tribune, at 1:25 a.m, Jennifer Hudson identified the bodies of the deceased as Darnell Donerson and Jason Hudson
  • Shortly after that Jennifer’s brother-in-law (Julia’s husband) William Balfour was found in his girlfriends apartment and taken into custody as a suspect in the murders.
  • William Balfour has reportedly invoked his right to remain silent and is refusing to cooperate with investigators
  • This morning, authorities discovered the body of young Julian in Jason’s missing SUV. The SUV was parked less than half a mile from where William Balfour was apprehended
  • While it has not yet been confirmed, Julian was said to be have been shot multiple times and reported to have been mutilated in some other manner
  • Clothes that William Balfour wore are now being tested for gunshot residue
  • I can’t even BEGIN to remotely fathom the incredible distress that has befallen Jennifer Hudson and her family in these past 2 days. I’m not going to insinuate who I think did it because that is irrelevant. The act has been done and that motherfucker will be brought to justice. Whether by jail from the police or death from someone else’s hands. SEVEN YEARS! SEVEN YEARS OF LIVING! And that’s it. I hardly remember the 1st 7 years of my life. This kid did not deserve this. I send my heartfelt condolences out to the Hudson family. I’m going to let Aretha speak the rest for me…

    Aretha Franklin- Blue Holiday