Eminem-“I’m Having A Relapse” Freestyle & Shade45 Interview

“I’m Having A Relapse” Freestyle

What better way to start a blogsite dedicated to (DOPE) than a new freestyle from the (DOPE)est rapper of all time. (He’s holding onto that by a thin thread). He’s definitely relapsing back to the Eminem of old on this one (which explains the picture choice). Welcome Back, Marshall. READ MORE to hear Em discuss his new album entitled Relapse and new book The Way I Am (October 22nd).

Shade45 Interview Pt. 1

Shade45 Interview Pt. 2


2 Responses to “Eminem-“I’m Having A Relapse” Freestyle & Shade45 Interview”

  1. […] Dont forget, white rappers have to come EXTRA hard in Hip Hop to be seen as nyce…and due to this unfortunate event for Asher he better do less of this type freestyling and more of THIS to stay […]

  2. […] Off of Trick Trick’s upcoming album, The Villain coming out November 11th. Em brings his “I-just-want-to-party” air head lyrics. SMH. The above line is a little (DOPE), but Em, I’m hoping this was before your Relapse. […]

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