The Whack, The Iight and The (DOPE) Daily News

While I sit at my desk at work formulating how I’m going to present to you guys my Theory For Eminem’s Relapse, here’s the whack, the iight and the (DOPE) in hip hop news:

The Whack

Yung Berg Yung Herb and Ne-Yo beef

When did it become cool for singers and rappers to throw jabs at one another? Especially when it’s between a man who had this happen to him (Oh, AND this) and a man who thinks this is cool (AND this). You’ll see in the videos below how this all started from a “3 Finger Slap”. SMH @ this whack, “please-buy-my-record” beef:

Ne-Yo starting the beef:

Yung Herb’s response:

The iight

Bishop Lamont performs snippet of ALLEGED first single off Detox

Before I start, I’d like to say:

(*Clears Throat*) DROP THE FUCKEN ALBUM ALREADY DRE! (*Clears Throat*).

Bishop Lamont unexpectedly drops a bomb on the unsuspecting crowd by performing what he says to be the first single from Dre’s most anticipated album proverbial cocktease to Hip Hop final album, Detox entitled “You Ain’t Fresh” in France (really? France, my nigga?). Besides a semi-witty jab at Game(it’s pretty clear when he disses him) the joint is just iight. Not album worthy. You be the judge:

The (DOPE)


Slaughterhouse- Joe Buddens + Joell Ortiz + Crooked I +Nino Bless +Royce Da 5’9

GOOD FUCKEN LAWD!!! Joey takes time off from his new found vlog life to jump on the track with four of the (DOPE)st rappers in the game. I..I..I cant even begin to quote this shit. Joey and Joell destroyed every inch of the beat, but all the rappers showed up on this one. PURE (DOPE)ness.

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