Kanye West- “Heartless” (Unmastered) + “Coldest Winter” (Radio Rip)

Kanye West- “Heartless” (Unmastered) + Kanye West- “Coldest Winter” (Radio Rip)

“…I need to put this out. I’ll have another album coming in June”– Kanye West at L.A. Listening Party of 808 & Heartbreak

Kanye + Autotune + Weird Tribal Drums = LoveLockdown. Love Lockdown = WTF WAS THIS NIGGA THINKING!

With that math problem aside, the two new tracks “leaked” to the internet and radio actually make me think that Kanye + Autotune X ENTIRE ALBUM wont equal Worst Album from Good Rapper since Em decided to step back from behind the curtains be so bad. Now neither are the final mix(one unmastered and one a kinda shotty radio rip) but both show how (DOPE) autotuned Kanye could sound. READ MORE to try them out before you download them.

Kanye West- Heartless + Coldest Winter

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