The Whack, The Iight and The (DOPE) Daily News

I missed the daily installment of The Whack, The Iight and The (DOPE) Daily News yesterday, chalk it up to laziness, and I shouldnt if I wanna run a blog, should i? Hmm..well, here is the 1st of 2 WID Daily News reports:

The Whack

Jim Jones’ wreckless mouth

Jim Jones talks alot of shit and I chalk it up to unfocused confidence because he usually clarifies it quite well. When he went at Jay he clarified that Jay was actually one of his favorite MC’s. When he went at T.I.’s swag he KINDA explained how he just havent heard people say ” ‘you’re looking like T.I.” Ok that’s cool, but then the one-hit wonder, Rucker’s Park scrambling, Cam’ron Lite MC told

“Nas was never on my level.”

Nas: 4 #1 albums, 15 years in the game as one of the Top 5 MC’s of All Time..oh yea…and he kinda made this little, sorta well known album.

Jim Jones: 0 #1 Albums, #9 on MTV’s Hottest MC’s list(on a list where Young Jeezy was rated higher than Common)…and BALLIN!!!

Yea, Nas aint never been on Jim Jones’ level…I mean why would Scarface ever want to be Manolo.

The iight

Wale shoots video for “Nike Boots”…OVER A YEAR AFTER IT’S RELEASED

Here’s Wale on the video shoot of his cult classic, Nike Boots (a song that has NOTHING about any Nike footwear by the way). If this was 2007, this would be (DOPE) as fuck. But the fact that it’s been floating around the internet for over a year, been performed hundreds of times and had a Lil Wayne assisted remix(which is the ‘this-song-is-done’ stamp), just makes this video shoot overkill. And from a guy whose creative tenacity allows him to make nothing sound like something, this is cool..but..ehhh.

The (DOPE)


It’s Charles Hamilton

Charles Hamilton (next to Blu and currently slowed down Curren$y) is the most consistent rapper in the game, PERIOD! This is no bias (even though I was a SERIOUS Sonic head as a kid), this is just real recognizing ill. This tape basically explains who Green Lantern’s “pink alien” is  and why there’s a good chance he can ACTUALLY help the hip hop world become (DOPE) again. Get Hamiltonized. Go to HipHopDX here, where they’re streaming the mixtape if you dont want to download it yet. BUT YOU SHOULD!! (P.S.- (DOPE) ass cover, word to Nasir)

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