Late Night Digging

Nas- Take It In Blood Pt. 2

Nas- Take It In Blood Pt. 2

“See the gleaming white crystal when it’s pure”-Nas on “Take It In Blood” Pt. 2

The product of the YouTube “Related Videos” sidebar.(One of the reasons for YouTube’s genius) Me not having It Was Written on my computer (which I am fixing as we speak), my Zune battery being low AND being in a “laid back, esoteric feel” kind of mode, that was the perfect ailignment of the stars(remember what I said about what happens when the stars align) which led me to finding this uncut (DOPE). Presumably from the It Was Written sessions, Nas blacks out as Nas is known to ’90’s Nas was known to. God, I love Untitled but It Was Written will forever be Nas’ 2nd best album and probably the (DOPE)st sophomore album ever…

….whoops..forgot that the Marshall Mathers LP is technically Eminem’s sophomore album, my apologies.


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