New Mos Def Single Dropping Nov. 14th

“This is Bedstuy ’82”-Mos Def on “Life in Marvelous Times”

I’d be happy with Fear Of Not Man ’99. According to Mos Def’s myspace bulletin his new single off of his HIGHLY ANTICIPATED yet scarcely talked about new album The Ecstatic, “Life in Marvelous Times” will be dropping November 14th. This track makes you think Mos has finally found that common ground between eclectic and hip hop respected that he has been searching for since the (DOPE)pic [Dope epic] Black On Both Sides. Check out a :35 second preview of the track here. READ MORE to see Mos briefly discuss The Ecstatic and partly perform a track off the album entitled “Auditorium” at his show in Paradiso, Amsterdam.

Mos Def discusses The Ecstatic and performs “Auditorium”


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