The Smoking Vagina

“…you cant smoke that joint through her asshole”

Basically a 10 Minute clip (9:58 for the anal ones) that I watch from the 4:30 mark to 5:25. This is from the documentary(potumentary as I call it, creative huh?) named Super High Me where comedian Doug Benson smokes marijuana for 30 days and records what happens. I swear, when I saw that clip(cause I’m currently watching the movie) I thought “that chick must have the laziest pussy ever.” (DOPE).

Hip Hop related because..umm…well, lets not forget that one of Hip Hop’s greatest duos are these guys. Oh yeah, in related news Redman says that him and his partner in high rhyme, Method Man are making Blackout 2 and filming How High 2. (DOPE).

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