The Whack, The Iight and The (DOPE) Daily News (Pt. 2)

As promised this is part two of WID Daily News since I forgot to do it yesterday. Bare with me.

The Whack

Girl With Touretts CANT HELP saying Nigga

Get……THE FUCK….out of here. Let me make this clear, (DOPE) is as (DOPE) does is focused on bringing the (DOPE) back to Hip Hop. News like this which is not OVERTLY Hip-Hop related, is MAJORLY Hip Hop related because we all know “nigga” is like “hello” in Hip Hop..shit Nas just dropped an album named after discussing that word. I dont even blame the girl, I blame the mom. Look closely at the video, she’s exposed to about 2 or 3..maybe 5 black people a day and she lives in a nice neighborhood with seemingly conservative parents. WHERE THE FUCK IS SHE HEARING NIGGA SOOO MUCH THAT IT’S EMBEDDED IN HER BRAIN?! Probably from racist grandpa who thinks the “kykes” (which she says too) are ruining the world or alcoholic momma who would call Obama a nigger to the face if Jack Daniels was in her. And dont say she heard it from TV, because she’s young, and her mom dont look like the “Watch 106 & Park” type mother.

*Goes to put on Untitled and forget this ever happend*

The iight

Asher Roth’s XXL Freestyle

“Put on Soulja Boy and watch the white kids youuuuu”

That line saved this from competiting with the Tourette Racist White Girl for The Whack. I think we get that you’re white, and I also get that you don’t want to TRY to be black and I know the Beastie Boys succeeded being the Frat Boys. BUT…I really dont care that you ate “yogurt, fresh fruit and granola” when you woke up (BTW- I gotta put this Coca Cola in the refridgerator). This is the weakest of the XXL Freestyle Video series of the up and coming new rappers, even the people at the end was like, “EHHHH”. Dont forget, white rappers have to come EXTRA hard in Hip Hop to be seen as nyce…and due to this unfortunate event for Asher he better do less of this type freestyling and more of THIS to stay relevant.


The (DOPE)

Nas is set to perform “Queens Get The Money” at the BET Hip Hop Awards

I read over here at HipHopDX that Green Lantern has said that Nas will perform “Queens Get The Money” and “Hero” at the BET Hip Hop Awards on October 23rd. This is (DOPE) in theory, lets see if Nas can pull through and do this cause a song that mentions “the square root of pie” and has a subliminal scathing 50 Cent diss doesnt really scream BET APPROVED. (DOPE) Nasty.

(PS- Apparently Nas is about to “go gold with it” for Untitled. That’s HUGE for an album that is about 5% commercial and about 95% unappealing to the majority of the general public[especially the McCainers])

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