Wordsmith feat./ Skyzoo- “Nobody Cares”+ Bonus Cut: Skyzoo- “True Romance”

Wordsmith feat./ Skyzoo- Nobody Cares

“Who really cares if your life is in despair/No one to share/All they do is stare.”– Wordsmith on “Nobody Cares

You could rename this (DOPE) feat./ (DOPE)- “(DOPE)” and it’d still ring true. New Wordsmith featuring Skyzoo (who’s been stunning me with his recent unearthing of unreleased and forgotten gems) off of the HipHopdx & DJ Denox presents “The Revolution Begins w/ a Takeover v.2. Wordsmith and S-K sound AMAZING over these haunting strings and dirty guitar strings. MMMMMM..(DOPE)(word to MF Doom).  Listen to it streamed at HipHopDx here to check it out before you download it. ALSO: READ MORE for Skyzoo’s True Romance.

Skyzoo- True Romance

Skyzoo-True Romance (Prod. by 9th Wonder)

Top 10 (DOPE)st Storytelling songs ever(best since Joe Buddens RIDICULOUS “Three Sides To A Story“). Preview it below:

One Response to “Wordsmith feat./ Skyzoo- “Nobody Cares”+ Bonus Cut: Skyzoo- “True Romance””

  1. […] deeply saddened that it got into Skyzoo’s “Skyzoo Archives” at #17(even though we posted #4 True Romance a little while back). The intoxicating ambiance that oozes out of this song makes Skyzoo and AC’s word that much […]

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