Blu & Astonish Freestyle (Video)

“And no police please/I bang my parole/And I’ll probably catch life if a Microphone was on me.”-Blu on “Blu & Astonish Freestyle”

This is the definition of (DOPE) hip hop. Two MC’s, a street, a crowd, and some ill 16’s. *Catuion*- This video will cause you to pause it about 10 times to just go “whooo, this nigga ill” thus causing you to take 20 minutes to watch this 3 minute clip.

2 Responses to “Blu & Astonish Freestyle (Video)”

  1. […] this over at Fake Shore Drive. I apologize, I really wasn’t checking for dude’s verse when he spit with Blu on Ruby Hornet TV. After hearing this (DOPE) “freestyle” I must say, dude is quite ill. That highlight […]

  2. […] this (DOPE) MC. Ok, so here’s my story with Astonish. TOTALLY ignored him when I saw him freestyle with Blu, gained some more interest when he killed a solo freestyle (That (DOPE) “far from […]

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