The Whack, The Iight and The (DOPE) Daily News

The Whack

Katt Williams NOT hosting the BET Hip Hop Awards

Ok let me give the quick rundown. Katt Williams was supposed to host the BET Hip Hop Awards which airs on October 23rd(i want my check for promoting you guys, BET). However, as early as Friday, reports were saying he was not AND on top of that was being replaced by elephant-riding, hip hop-killing, top-hat wearing, R2D2-sounding T-Pain. Here’s when the fuckery and sheer WHACKNESS comes into play. Stephen Hill puts on his blog that he lost the hosting job to T-Pain after losing in a BREAKDANCING CONTEST. THEN it was reported by the good folks from HipHopDX that it was over his salary for hosting the event. Shiit..even MediaTakeOut said that one of their seemingly endless supply of anonymous “insiders” says Katt saw his boo getting all cozy with a dancer and decided to quit. AND NOWWWWW..I zip back to HipHopDX and find out our boy is arrested.

So he lost in a break dance battle, got cheated on, got cheated out of money AND THEN got arrested. Just the sheer fact that Stephen Hill tried to COVER IT UP WITH THAT BULLSHIT OF A BREAK DANCE BATTLE EXCUSE is enough to warrant this story as WHACK.

(Should I tell Katt to hold his head? Idk.)

The iight

Rappers Talking About The Recssion

Everybody from Diddy to Soulja Boy been talking recession this, recession that. I mean dont get me wrong, it’s cool and all that more rappers are trying to be more socially conscious but COMEEEE ONNNN GUYSS!! Jeezy you really gon expect me to believe “everybody broke” when I see shit like this. And Yayo cut the shit about how you going to sell back all your chains because of the recession. If you really want to show how bad the recession is getting how about you STOP BUYING RINGS THAT COULD PAY FOR MY ENTIRE TUITION! I swear, if the Katt Williams Fuckery(posted above) didnt happen and “The Recession (intro)” off of Jeezy’s new album The Recession wasnt SOOO DAMNNN GOOOD, this shit would be WHACK AS FUCK. But it’s iight that they’re at least TALKING about it. Right?

The (DOPE)

Barack raises 150 MILLION DOLLARS in fundraising

“I got money in the bank!”

In a time of recession, can a black man raise more money than a villian looking geriatric white man? YES HE CAN!!! According to the Chicago Tribune, Democratic Nominee and Hip Hop’s wet dream, Barack Obama raised over $150 Million in fundraising money in September. CHA FUCKEN CHING FOR CHANGE. What’s even more (DOPE) about this is that he broke HIS OWN RECORD of $62 Million in August and has since raised over $600 MILLION since he started his potentially historic run. All I can say is..that boy good..THAT BOY REALLL GOOD. For your listening pleasure in this historic time, stream to the new DJ Green Lantern and Russel Simmons Obama-inspired mixtape Yes We Can here at HipHopDX. Obama ’08.

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