Uncut (DOPE)- Wreck 1

*”Uncut (DOPE)”- Is a section in DopeIsAsDopeDoes where I bring to you, hip hop, an up-and-coming, raw artist (Think: Source’s Unsigned Hype Circa ’98). For our first Uncut (DOPE) I bring you…

Wreck 1

“Hold the industry hostage with a compact disc.”-Wreck 1 on “Eat A Dick”

Wreck 1 (momma know him as Shane LaBounty Jr.) is a burgeoning new MC with a mix of multisyllabalic lyricism, morbid humor and wit that is reminiscent of a certain mutliple Grammy Award winning, diamond selling rapper. Wreck 1 definitely shows the influence of Eminem in his rhyming style and content to the point where sometimes you have to look at your MP3 to make sure you didn’t accidentally play an Em. But after a few listens to such tracks as the head knod-inducing “Onion Breath” or the Denaun Porter-produced banger “Ain’t A Riddle”, Wreck 1 begins to etch his own identity in your mind. Dont get it twisted, he hasn’t blown up yet but he’s been on his fucken grind, opening up for acts such as Nas, KRS ONE, and members of the Wu Tang(cant name all of them cause it’s like 2 million of them motherfuckers.) Below you can check out and/or download two songs by Mr. Wreck 1, “Eat A Dick” and “Onion Breath.” Be on the look out for his EP SuperVillian Circus coming to an iTunes near you. And check him out at his myspace.


Wreck 1- Eat A Dick

Wreck 1- Eat A Dick (Download Link)

Wreck 1- Onion Breath

Wreck 1- Onion Breath (Download Link)

2 Responses to “Uncut (DOPE)- Wreck 1”

  1. […] and real professional. Dude that wrote it knows his shit too if you read the rest of the blog. Uncut (DOPE)- Wreck 1 .(DOPE)is as(DOPE)does. __________________ http://www.myspace.com/wreck1 […]

  2. Dat boi sound like eminem but he got his own thing goin on to his shit is hott tho.

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