808 & Heartbreak Album Cover + Tracklisting

1. Welcome to Heartbreak
2. Heartless (Preview +Download NEW MASTERED VERSION)
3. Love Lockdown (Preview)(Download)
4. Robocop
5. Anyway
6. Street Lights
7. Say You Will
8. Bad News
9. Amazing (reportedly feat./ Young Jeezy)
10. Tell Everybody That You Know (reportedly feat./ Lil Wayne)
11. Coldest Winter (Preview Radio Rip)(Download Radio Rip)


I guess the College Dropout mascot is gone. And in it’s place is Kanye The Comic Book Hero. It is a pretty (DOPE) cover I must say. And once again Kanye is doing most of the album dolo. HMMM…when he has a good amount of guests appearances it turns out (DOPE) and (DOPE)pic [DOPE epic]. When he has few, well..it’s iight. But you cant count out Mr. Christopher Columbus. You pilgrims cop it on November 25th(In advance, HAPPY TURKEY DAY!).

One Response to “808 & Heartbreak Album Cover + Tracklisting”

  1. […] out. BTW, the 808 & Heartbreak album cover is ACTUALLY the one above. I personally like the comic book hero one. GIVE HOV HIS BEATS SO WE CAN GET BLUEPRINT 3 ALREADY, […]

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