Jay-Z & T.I.-“Swagger Like Us” @ Palladium + T.I. Freestyle (Video)

“I got that Heath Ledger swagger, now I’m killing all that laughter.”

*Sidenote: That wasnt a line from T.I., Jay-Z..matter of fact, I’ll reveal the rapper who used that line later in this blog’s life. CNK!*

The live performacnes are making this song sound a WHOLLLEEE lot (DOPE)r to me (especially this one.) Best part– T.I. begins to address the “niggas who are catching feelings over this song.” Worst part- The video doesnt show his speech. CRAP!! But READ MORE to see a pretty (DOPE) Acapella freestyle by Mr. Paper Trail himself.

“Way left field like jamiroquai.”- T.I. in the freestyle above

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