Smoking Sessions With Raekwon Interview + Bonus Cut: “Cocaine World”

*(I reallly love what Rae said in this interview…but a small part of me just wanted to post it so that I could post the picture above.)*

The Smoking Seession sits down with The Chef to chop it up with him about the state of Hip-Hop, the status of him and RZA’s friendship and even about him and Ghost “hating everyone.” Peep the entire interview here. Interesting was what Rae had to say about the Rick “You have the right to remain silent” Ross scandal:

I just feel like at the end of the day, I think the world would’ve still respected him even more if he would’ve just been like, “Yeah, I was a fortunate cat at the time to have that job.” And then on top of it, he may have looked for a couple of people in there. So it ain’t that necessarily he was on some police shit, it’s just that he had a job back then. I think if he would’ve probably hit everybody in the head like that, they probably would’ve been like, “That’s real.”

Yea, that sounds alot better than blaimging it on photoshop then flooding the market with half assed gangsta rap freestyles to make us forget, then admitting it, then declaring never to talk about it again.
Well, the god MC has spoken. READ MORE to download and/or preview this (DOPE) track entitled “Cocaine World” off of his The Vatican Mixtape V.3 (House of Wax) released last year.

Raekwon- Cocaine World

Raekwon- Cocaine World

“It’s coming out  when I want it to come out, man.”- Raekwon on “Cocaine World”

If OBFCL2 (AKA The Purple Tape Part 2) sounds ANYTHING like this then take as much time as you need, Rae.


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