Skyzoo & AC- “Good Looking” (Skyzoo Archives #17)

“I’m the type to win an award/And not thank God, just ’cause everyone else does.”-AC on “Good Looking”

Skyzoo & AC- Good Looking <-Preview + Download Link

DopeIsAsDopeDoes is deeply saddened that it got into Skyzoo’s “Skyzoo Archives” at #17(even though we posted #4 True Romance a little while back). The intoxicating ambiance that oozes out of this song makes Skyzoo and AC’s word that much more amplified. And whoever chopped up this sample..(STANDING OVATION). But who better to explain the song than the man who made it? No one, thats who. Here’s Mr. S-K:

At #17 in the series, this joint is called “Good Looking-2007″ featuring AC, produced by Hi-Tek. This is a joint that I did with AC in 2007. He had this concept to say good looking to everyone who ever helped or hated through out his career thus far. I dug the idea so I knew it would be a dope record. Hi-Tek did the beat, and it has that vintage Tek sound that he’s known for. If you have AC’s mixtape from early 2007 then you’ve heard this before, but if you dont, enjoy the new old. Holla.


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