The Whack, The Iight and The (DOPE) Daily News

The Whack

MF Doom denying imposter performances…then kinda made it seem like he did.

This the type of shit that puts a nigga in hip hop exile and make me not want to listen to his animated, is-he-just-good-cause-he-sounds-different” music. Let me show you the shit he’s shoveling. There were reports one half of DangerDoom one half of Madvillany Metal Face has been employing body doubles to perform in his place. He tells Wax Poetics magazine he hasn’t been pulling the ol’ switcharoo on us, he’s “lost fifty-nine pounds last year on some healthy shit, and yada yada. Cool. Believable. THEN HE DECIDES TO SAY THIS:

“A blind person could be at the show and feel it clearly, but don’t see nothing of it. Don’t matter what the shit look like. Look, was niggas rockin’ or was niggas rockin’?”

Picture this: You’re a tough, macho man who hangs out with dudes who thinks Pretty Woman is that shortie with the huge ass you saw at McDonald’s. You secretly watch and love Sex and The City. When confronted by your testosterone-overdosed friends about it, you say “fuck no nigga, I don’t watch Sex and The City, I’M A MAN!” And then when your friends begin to believe you, you blurt out “yo..even though, being a man doesnt mean NOT watching Sex and the City.”

Got that in your head? That’s what MF Doom sounds like…oh and it’s even more whack, because it’s a complete lie:

The iight

The Carter III…again.

What in the Blueprint 3.5 is this? Apparently Lil Wayne wasn’t satisfied with over 2 million copies Tha Carter III sold (thats A MILLI + A MILLI) as he tells MTV news he’s releasing ANOTHER Carter III entitled Tha Carter III: The Rebirth. His rationale is that he doesnt want it to be called Tha Carter IV, because he doesnt want people NOT liking Tha Carter IV. Normally, bullshit like that would be WHACK AS FUCK, HOWEVER, I think he’s doing this because he KNOWS in the bottom of his syrupy heart that Tha Carter III was not a classic and really wants it to be. And he says a song with him and Ludacris, “Eat You Alive” will be on it, which sounds pretty (DOPE). This sounds iight. But why not just make the new music a mixtape (Da Drought IV anyone?)..I mean, isnt that why we started caring about Lil Wayne in the first place?

The (DOPE)

Joell Ortiz + MIMS Freestyle on DJ Envy Radio

“Look in the MICtionary, I’ll be found under M/Mic King, this is easy like counting from 1 to 10.” Joel Ortiz in “Joell Ortiz and MIMS DJ Envy Freestyle”

Joell Ortiz could really be the next Pun if he learns how to make a hit. SERIOUSLY. He’s killing everything he comes on. Slaughterhouse. Murdered. DJ ENVY Radio freestyle. Murdered. He single handedly made this video (DOPE) even with an iight Mims verse. I could quote for days on this freestyle, ill just do a couple more:

“The only one close to me died for all our sins”

“They dont kill verses, they just rambling to death”

Dre you really fucked up.


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  1. hi love ur blog, im such a fan… cant wait to read more!!

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