The Whack, The Iight and The (DOPE) Daily News

The Whack

Carolina’s savior shits on XXL Top 10 Freshmen

“We drinking….this ain’t the liquor talking.”-Rain in the above video

I peeped this at Charles Hamilton’s blog(dont let the URL fool you, it IS Charles Hamilton).I’m not one to start beef, NOT at all, but this dude Rain, Carolina’s savior(North Carolina needs saving?) is out of his fucken mind right here. First of all, homie is actually pretty good (having 5 year olds saying ‘nigga’ is cool, though?), he sounds like [insert mixtape rapper name here](word to Jin) and all but he’s ok. But attempts at assassianting the (DOPE) is AUTOMATICALLY whack. Why werent you on the Top 10? Because NO ONE KNOWS WHO YOU ARE! Enough of this whackness..

BTW- Isnt his label(name on his chain) “First to Flight”, you know that when in danger humans have two reactions. Fight or Flight. Good to know where you stand.

The iight

Lil Wayne wins Lyricist of the Year at BET Awards

Lyricist of the Year Nominees:

  • Jay-Z
  • Lil Wayne
  • Nas
  • T.I.
  • Kanye West

Kinda old news I know(shit was either whack or DOPE today, my bad) but..really BET…LIL WAYNE IS THE BEST LYRICIST OF THE YEAR? Now, I know that BET doesnt know Hip Hop past  106 & Park, so I didnt expect to see any Blu’s, Joel Ortiz’s or Joe Buddens’. But even AFTER that realization you have Lil Wayne topping Nas(who just dropped his 3rd best album ever, a CLASSIC)? It’s iight, because Nas was REALLY his only competition THIS year out of the 5 nominees(American Gangster came out ’07 before you start yelling blasphemy). 1st Rap City goes(it really left when Tigga left, but now permanently gone) and now this. It’s iight BET, we know you know no better.

The (DOPE)


Whoever said Santa Claus aint black must’ve never met Stat Quo. Stat Quo went from being Aftermath’s Southern car ornamet(he sat there for THAT long) to no longer with Shady/Aftermath with little to show for it. UNTIL NOW. Ya boi Statlanta Claus(yea im running with that) told HipHopDX that he is set to release “300, 400” Dr. Dre produced tracks and about 100 Eminem produced tracks that span his 4 1/2 year stint at Shady Record. When asked about Interscope pressing legal action(cause you know, Jimmy Iovine NEEDS the money) for releasing these tracks, Stat told HipHopDX, “I don’t give a fuck” and that he’d resort to going back to the street if he had to to pay them off. A total lie, but still refreshing to hear an artist sounding like he’s willing to fight for (DOPE) music. But here’s the BEST PART:

“The song that featured Jay-Z is a song that Em’s putting on his album called ‘My Syllielable” – it’s like ‘my syllable,’ [only] he flipped it.”

I dont know how much he knows about the tracklisting of Em’s new CD being that he is excommunicated from the camp, but the fact that another Jay and Em collabo is recorded…like Jay said..“Renegades is back…Em the beat is sick


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