Naledge Freestyle Live (Video) + Bonus Cut: “Love Hangover” (Video)

“I’m good with a mic(Mike) like Pippen”-Naledge in above video

The Kidz In Tha Hall/Murs tour rolled in to Madison, WI and Naledge decided to drop a freestyle while Double O played an acoustic drum and bass stripped version of the worn out “A Milli” beat. Gave it a (DOPE) new sound. This didnt have the “too-coherent-to-not-be-written” feel…so no (” “)over this freestyle. READ MORE to see the video for the group’s 2nd single featuring British songstress sensation Estelle (THIS is how ILLLL she is) entitled “Love Hangover” from their critically acclaimed sophomore disc, The In Crowd.

Kidz In Tha Hall feat./ Estelle- “Love Hangover”

“You still gon marry me right?”-Naledge on “Love Hangover”

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