The Whack, The Iight and The (DOPE) Daily News

The Whack

Nas DOESN’T perform “Queens Get The Money” at BET Hip Hop Awards

This is whack because it could’ve been (DOPE). I mean the performance was iight (cute lil’ “all these rappers in this room are my heroes” proclamation Nasir). BUT, come on, 50 got you shook? Nah that’s not it, I bet BET made Nas not perform it because of the 50 diss. Actually that probably WAS it ’cause they had 50 present(with FINEEEE assss Keri Washington) RIGHT BEFORE Nas performed. WHACK!!!

The iight

Slingshot Ness..ehhh

Elliott Ness- Slingshot Ness <-Preview + Download Link

I guess after winning 25K a rapper thinks he can slack off. Listening to this track is like watching Tyler Perry’s House of Payne…right before you think something GREAT is gon happen, it resorts to worn out cop outs. I mean, when Ness is ON…dude is (DOPE)r than any other Bad Boy reject rapper on Bad Boy. HMMM..but is that saying alot?

The (DOPE)

The PRO-voting sentiment at The BET Hip Hop Awards

“..and doesnt McCain look like his heart is about to bail on him?”-Lil Wayne during a freestyle on The BET Awards ’08

Everything from Russell Simmons wearing the rinestoned(probably Sierra Leone diamonds) Barack Obama shirt to Lil Wayne encouraging the fans to please vote everytime he got an award(He was like the ONLY person who got awards that night). I was very happy about how the BET Hip Hop Awards 2008 turned out this year, JUST BECAUSE it wasnt some “BARACK THE VOTE”(bless Keri Washington’s FLAWLESS heart) lovefest, niggas were just REAL, casual about it. No need to sensationalize the shit. WE KNOW WE LOVE BARACK..JUST TELL THE KIDS TO VOTE!! BET finally got something right.


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