2008 BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher Pt. 2(Willy North Pole, Hime, Blaq Poet & Cory Gunz)

“You a future car parker/Nothing lighter, I’m a sparker.”-Cory Gunz

Subtle wordplay like THAT is why Cory Gunz is THAT nigga at times(MOST times actually). Now, I know you thinking, “He spit some HOTTTER shit than that in that freestyle” and I agree(especially when he blacks out from 1:50 to 2:00). BUT, until you can tell me WORD FOR WORD what he said,  the highlight rhyme stays. I apologize for the iight TV recorded quality of it, but that’s the only video of THIS Cypher that’s posted, I’ll go grave digging for a better quality. The Japanese chick, Hime, PROBABLY was nice..but I dont like to read, fit it with the flow, then with the beat then…it’s just too much work. Blaq Poet should’ve spit longer, he was killing it and Northpole was iight. But the young GUN was the (DOPE)st. (They should’ve replaced Juelz with Cory in the other Cypher.)

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