Joe Buddens + Royce In The Studio(Video)

“Class is in session.”

I AM SOOO FUCKEN MADDD AT MYSELF THAT I DONT KNOW THE PRODUCER’S NAME BECAUSE HE HAS MADE SOME CRACK!!! It’s a beautiful thing to see Joe Buddens and Royce together…in the studio..but even that was OVERSHADOWED by the (DOPE)ness that was pulsating out of those monitors. GOOOODDDD LAWWWD. Here’s who I think would rip EACH beat:

Beat #1-Talib Kweli feat./ Pharaoh Monch

Beat #2- Joe Buddens & Royce(even though Joe would sound good by himself “I like all them smooth hard shits”) Also I could see Blu destroying that shit as well.

Beat #3- Curren$y (WHERE HAVENT WE BEEN YET!!)

Beat #4- T.I. feat./ Nate Dogg on some reflective shit or Skyzoo spitting some storytelling, ILL shit.

Beat #5- Obie Trice & Joel Ortiz(I KNOW you can hear Joel’s punchlines just murking that sample!)

Beat #6- Uhhh…Marc Anthony…actually..I think Ghostface could do this beat some justice.

READ MORE to get more footage(Royce calling Jay-Z 50 something) and some MORE heat(IT GETS BETTER!). This is what (DOPE) is all about. GETTING IT IN!!!

“You in the Slaughterhouse, baby!”

He says “what’s about to happen” in the 1st video and Joel calls him in this one. Are these guys cooking up something? (DOPE)FULLY(a stretch..i know.)

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