The Whack, The Iight and The (DOPE) Daily News

The Whack

Freekey Zekey pours champagne on a dancer….AND SHE RESPONDS!

“I dont know what kind of shit YOU on, but I’m on some other shit. You on some other shit. Like on some serious shit.”-Ashley L(chick Freekey poured champagne on)

I dont know what’s whacker. The fact that NO-hit wonder, Dipset “soldier” Freekey Zeekey was caught bear hugging a dancer and then spray champagne in the air(which fell on her) OR the fact that SHE ACTUALLY RESPONDED! I agree with her, if you dont live in NYC, then to you Freekey Zekey is probably an out of work porn star. But come on Ashley, did you HAVE to respond? Especially saying what you said in the above quote. In what looks like a rec center. ON A FUTON? Come on..EVERYBODY “BEEFING”. As my home girl Larissa would say…”this shit is SUPER whack.”

The iight


“What kind of grown ass man calls himself ‘Puffy’.”

It’s hard to not like this movie. But it’s EVEN HARDER to like it. I mean, they got an actor (rapper Gravy) who doesn’t sound THAT much like Biggie(Guerilla Black cant act?). And they’re recreating a story where we ALL KNOW how it ends and we’ve been trying to repress that memory. But then they do some shit right (Angela Basset at Voletta Wallace, (DOPE) ), and the actress playing Faith Evans (Antonique Smith) is DEAD ON(looks and sound). IMMA DEF SEE THE MOVIE(although trailers can make ANYTHING look good and suspensful.) It’s gon be iight. Anyone think differently?

The (DOPE)

Lil Wayne CONFIRMS “Mr. Carter” will be performed

THIS is the way you turn an iight song into a (DOPE) ass event. Lil Wayne told MTV that himself and former President Carter Jay are going to definitely perform “Mr. Carter” when they headline Power 105.1’s Powerhouse concert in New Jersey. Ohh man, the beat screams GRAND ENTRANCE FROM HOV AND WAYNE!! Definitely straight (DOPE) here. However, he didnt deny or confirm if him, Jay, Kanye and T.I. would FINALLY perform “Swagger Like Us” instead of teasing us with these mini duo performances. (SHIT…I wouldnt mind seeing Jay and Wayne do their underwhelming verses live.) Best believe DopeIsAsDopeDoes will be scanning the information superhighway for the first video. For now, READ MORE to watch their FIRST performance together at Hammerstein Ballroom as they perform the iight “Hello Brooklyn” before Wayne breaks into the chorus of “Duffle Bag Boys”.

“The best rapper alive. The next rapper in line.”-Lil Wayne during the above performance

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