Kanye West- “Coldest Winter” + “Robocop”(FULL CDQ Versions)

“Who knew she was a drama queen/Who could turn my life to Stephen King“-Kanye West off of “Robocop”

Ok, I think we all can agree that Kanye will NOT be having the best rap album of the year. One, cause he’s not rapping on any of the song. And two, he makes songs like “Robocop”. Now mind you, the download/preview version of “Robocop” will be on today’s “The Whack, The Iight and The (DOPE) Daily News” (guess which one it’s in). (DOPE) highlight rhyme..but that’s it. But, “Coldest Winter” has been blazing up the internet since the radio rip came out. BTW, the 808 & Heartbreak album cover is ACTUALLY the one above. I personally like the comic book hero one. WE’LL WAIT FOR YOUR GOOD ASS JOB IN JUNE, ‘YE!

Kayne West- Coldest Winter <-Preview + Download Link

Kanye West- Robocop <-Preview + Download Link

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