Tattoos, Boxing Challenges & MORE PATRON (Video)

This nigga liver is on a respirator.”-Joey in above video

“Yung Berg can fight…[laughs].”-Joey in above video

“I compare MC’s to hard drive. Are you a Megabyte nigga? Or are you a Gigabyte nigga? Some niggas are terabytes.”– Bink in the above video

I was writing the highlight lines while listening to the video and then Bink(the producer whose name I DIDNT know) said the epochal MC/Harddrive metaphor up there which I NOW live by. (You’re blogging with a Gigabyte nigga). I REALLY think these guys are making an album together or like at least a mixtape together. IF SO…JESUS SPARE THE SOULS OF THE WHACKNESS! (DOPE) shall reign.

PS.- The whole “you’re the best, Joey” “No, you’re the best, Royce” back and forth they got going on is cool..but EASE UP HOMIE…we know you respect each other..DAMN!

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