The Whack, The Iight and The (DOPE) Daily News

The Whack


“I will be putting out a blog a day. A Diddy blog a day will keep McCain away.”

This Biggie-death-exploiting, epileptic-dancing, Michelle Obama-flirting, nonsensical-rapping-ass coon motherfucker is REALLLLYYYY trying to help McCain win the election. I get it…I get it. You do these YouTube videos to attract the youth to voting…APPLAUSE ARE NEEDED FOR THAT GENIUS MOVE! But dont make a mockery of this monumental election with a dopey looking masked character named after a LIQUOR COMPANY(Using Obama for cross promotion, really Diddy?). What’s even more whack, is that this motherfucker is going to do this EVERYDAY until Election Day. It’d truly take an act of God to help Barack overcome THESE type of obstacles.

The Iight

808. Heartbreak. And Robocop?

Kanye West- Robocop <-Preview + Download Link

“You can’t judge me on this because it’s a reflection of my heart and soul.”-Kanye West during his speech at the 808 & Heartbreak listening party in LA

Sorry, ‘Ye, but we CAN judge it. No matter if it’s from your soul, your heart, your ass(which this song sounds like it was leaked from(double entendre, motherfuckers), we can judge it. Just like when you was whining when you didn’t get those Grammy’s or when you said you should get 5 mics, your music was judged then and it is judged now. And THIS is how WRONG this album could be. It’s iight because the beat is quite inventive with the machine squeaks and the beautiful chaos of the blasts, 808 drums(duht they’re there) and light synths. But the autotuned voice, the “experimental” lyrics and song structure are just whack. Man, Kanye, you lucky Ciroc Obama was born, or this would be unanimously whack.

The College Dropout: 4 1/2 out of 5

Late Registration: 5 out of 5

Graduation: 3 1/2 out of 5

808 & Heartbreak (so far): ehhh…somewhere in the Graduation range

The (DOPE)

Air Jordan + Eminem + “The Way I Am” lyrics= (DOPE)

I peeped this over at Onsmash a couple of days ago, but didn’t really pay it that much mind until today. These are The Way I Am edition Air Jodran 2’s. AND THEY HAVE THE LYRICS TO THE WAY I AM WRITTEN ON THEM! (DOPE)pic [again, that means DOPE epic]. Hurry and get these (DOPE) kicks because apparently only 313 pairs are going to be released (U know, Detroit area code). READ MORE to listen to “3hree6ix5ive” with Em and Skam (“I even got the underground shit the you did with Skam.”-“Stan”). (DOPE)st rapper of all time.

“When Slim gets this M16 bursting/You getting spun backwards, like every word of obscene cursing/On the B-Side of my first single with the clean version.”-Eminem on “3hree6ix5ive”

I’m trying to be the (DOPE)st of the day, 3hree6ix5ive a year.

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