Astonish- Jugrnaut 16 Bars Freestyle (Video)

“I am not a star, but I’m far from the Earth/Put the Earth in a cigar ’till I’m far from alert.”-Astonish in “Jugrnaut 16 Bars Freestyle”

Peeped this over at Fake Shore Drive. I apologize, I really wasn’t checking for dude’s verse when he spit with Blu on Ruby Hornet TV. After hearing this (DOPE) “freestyle” I must say, dude is quite ill. That highlight rhyme had me thinking, “Curren$y better step his weed rap game up.” While y’all bask in the glorious lyricism of Astonish, I’m going to go find more about him. Who knows, he might be next up.


One Response to “Astonish- Jugrnaut 16 Bars Freestyle (Video)”

  1. […] TOTALLY ignored him when I saw him freestyle with Blu, gained some more interest when he killed a solo freestyle (That (DOPE) “far from alert” line is STILL in my head) and now, after this song, I […]

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