Jay Smooth- “A Poem For The Youth Voter” (Video) + “How To Tell People They Sound Racist” (Video)

“They can still pull a fast one/The only poll that counts is the last one.”– Jay Smooth on “A Poem For The Youth Voter”

Jay Smooth of illdoctrine= Truth > Truthiness. I been SLEEPING HARD ON THIS DUDE. I usually peep his stuff over at HipHopIsDeadly but this is the first one I’ve checked since I started DopeIsAsDopeDoes. I ain’t going to sit here and preach to you to 1. Take what Jay Smooth said as your Gospel or 2. To vote for Obama. I’m just going to tell you to listen to this (Especially that DOPE highlight rhyme) and take something from it. Whether it be for you to turn to CNN instead of turning to I Want to Work For Diddy (FUCK CIROC OBAMA!!) or sit back for 10 seconds and have a “shit, this can really happen” moment of reflection. Whatever it is. Just let it happen. Peep more Jay Smooth at illdoctrine. READ MORE for Jay Smooth’s video “How To Tell People They Sound Racist”, which is (DOPE) and the quintessential guide to handling race on a person-to-person level. Nice-n-Smooth.

Jay Smooth- How To Tell Someone That They Sound Racist

“The ‘what they are’ conversation is a rhetorical Bermuda Triangle where everything drowns in a sea of empty posturing until someone blames the whole thing on Hip Hop and we forget the whole thing ever happend.”– Jay Smooth on “How To Tell People They Sound Racist”



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