Late Night Digging II

Jay-Z Feat./ Pharrell- I Know (Quincey Tones Remix)

Before you say anything, I know I’m late, the video said it was posted about 8 months ago.I know, I know. (like that, right?) But rumaging through my hip hop sites I land on HipHopDx and spotted this story on English(like resides in London type English) producer, Quicey Tones. And by the 2nd sentence I was intrigued:

His remix of Jay-Z’s “I Know,” which was originally stamped with the Pharrell seal, has been dubbed better than the original.”

And boys and girls….HE DEFINITELY DOES DO JUST THAT. Genius part…at 2:43 when that sexy ass chick’s mystic trail of sparkles floats in the air SIMULTANEOUSLY those twinkling chimes come in, oh man…that shit makes me go nuts. (HIP HOP NERD MOMENT!) But besides that…this beat’s almost ghostly yet elegant backing singing gives HOV’s beautiful yet nightmarish tale of addiction more BITE than Pharrell’s euro-House meets tribal Hip Hop beat does. Enjoy this uncovered gem.

Here’s Quincey’s Myspace. More (DOPE)ness awaits you there.


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