Ludacris Co-Starring Common- “Do The Right Thang” (Produced By. 9th Wonder) (Unfinished)

“Snow is all around you, but you dont play in the winter games/Cartidges surround you, but you aint playing Nintendo games.“-Ludacris on “Do The Right Thang”

Ludacris Co-Starring Common & Spike Lee– Do The Right Thang (Produced By. 9th Wonder) (Unfinished) <-Preview + Download Link

From the minute those trumpets pulsate through your speakers(or headphones) and Ludacris’s signature bassy voice exclaims “WAKE UP” you KNOW this is something special. Luda’s lyrical dexterity has DEFINITELY advanced with each subsequent album and THIS album may be his Blueprint, his Be. Theatre of the Mind could very well be that album that makes people reflect on homeboy’s career and think, “he’s one of the greatest rappers of all time” (He HAS been dropping albums for over 7 years). That highlight rhyme is just shrouded in (DOPE) (not the snow Luda was talking about, though). On a song designed to uplift and inspire who better to get on the track than Mr. Motivational Speaker himself, Common who drops a good verse that left you wanting ALOT more. Apparently, this pairing, as odd as it might seem on paper, was actually pretty predictable. 9th Wonder’s production on this is CRAZY (DOPE). READ MORE to see the video of the mixing of this song and see why I scratched out Spike Lee’s name and put “(Unfinished)” at theend of the title. WAKE UP!!!

“Yea, yea, yea, yea, yea, yea, yea. Hip Hop nation. This is Spizike Lee. You been sleeping for too long. Wake up. Wake up.”-Spike Lee on “Do The Right Thang”


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