Q-Tip feat./ Raphael Saadiq-“We Fight/Love” + Bonus Cut: “Get Involved” (Video)

“Looking for your soul, WMD/You can’t find nothing ’cause it’s empty.”-Q-Tip on “We Fight/Love”

Q-Tip feat./ Raphael Saadiq- We Fight/Love <-Preview + Download Link

The Abstract sounds like he’s crafting a genre-blending classic with The Renaissance from the tracks that have been “leaked” in recent months. GO AHEAD KAMAAL! With the buttery vocal tones of Raphael glazing over the soft melodies and raw scratches you think it’s ’94 all over again. And the highlight rhyme is nyce by itself but in the context of the song it is CRAZY (DOPE). READ MORE to view the video for a 1999 pairing of these two artists on Raphael Saadiq’s song “Get Involved.” I REALLY have to stop slacking and listen to The Way I See It.

Raphael Saadiq feat./ Q-Tip- “Get Involved”


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