The Whack, The Iight and The (DOPE) Daily News

The Whack

Ray J XXXtra [expletive] against menstruation

Ray J- Snakes In The Grass

“Make sure you don’t bleed and stuff/Make sure this aint your blood week you slut.”-Ray J on “Snakes In The Grass”

  1. Strike One: Fuck a crack head.
  2. Strike Two: Attempt to capitalize on a sextape you said you wasn’t involved in releasing.

And this song is DEFINITELY strike three, that’s it, Ray J is officially OVER! The thing that is so fucken WHACK about this is that it’s not “Funny” vulgar it’s “ewww, what the fuck is wrong with you” vulgar. Like when Em says “I’ll hump a slut’s leg/with my nuts shaved” you know he’s joking, wheter it be the comical toned voice or the fact that it just SOUNDS funny. But when you have a serious, intimate singing voice relaying the words “make sure this aint your bloody week, you sluuuuutt” that’s just “where’s yo momma, boy” type disrespectful. AND THE SONG, MUSICALLY, IS TRASH. Damn, if you’re going to end your career, at least end it with some substance.

The iight

50 Has Dinner Before He Self Destructs

“Girl: Why you didn’t say nothing to me?

50: Because I worked at the supermarket.”

50 Cent acting should be PERFECT, right? I mean, on ALOT of his records, the talking in the outro of the song be the best part of the entire song. Am I right? But here, ehhhh..I mean, he….ehhhhh…hmmm..this scene is 50% awkward silence. 50% awkward facial expression. 0% Good acting. Why is this not whack? Because the chick in this scene is BANGING LIKE A BENZI (Word to Ghost). Fif knows how to pick ’em. Here’s hoping she’s in the movie, half naked for 80% of the movie. If not then…God speed, 50.

The (DOPE)


SIGNS THAT THE (DOPE) IS SURVIVING! A Tribe Called Quest’s Phife Dawg, who has been publicly battling diabetes since he was diagnosed with the illness back in 1990 has recently recieved a kidney transplant. There is no reason why I should even have to explain why this is (DOPE) as fuck. Beyong the fact that now there’s a bigger possibility for tha Tribe reunion. Beyond the fact that he can go back to giving chicks Siemens furniture. This is (DOPE) because Hip Hop didn’t lose another legend to a preventable illness. READ MORE to listen to Phife RIP “Electric Relaxation”. HIP HOP LIVES!!

A Tribe Called Quest- “Electric Relaxation”

“By the way my name’s Malik/The 5 foot freak.”- Phife Dawg on “Electric Relaxation”



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