…And So It Begins (Video)

“I just dont want it to seem like a ‘submitted verse’ album.”-Joel Ortiz in above video

Real talk, this shit right here got me a little choked up. Joe Budden, Royce Da 5’9, Joel Ortiz & Crooked I(not in video) are MAKING AN ALBUM TOGETHER. But that’s not what got me all emotional and shit(still a G, though). When Joel said the ABOVE quote, that made me think..”This is going to be something special.” Like, we all know Jay and Nas recorded “Black Republicans” seperately. We all know that Eminem and Jay recorded “Renegade” seperately and that there hasn’t be a BIG GROUP album this anticipated since “The Firm.” Make this happen. FLY TO ALASKA AND RECORD IN A PALIN IGLOO STUDIO FOR ALL I CARE. MAKE IT HAPPEN! We’re on the threshold of history. Don’t miss out people. THIS IS BEYOND (DOPE). This is….CLASSIC!

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