Charles Hamilton- “Maybeline”, “DSW” + Bonus Cut: Performace at SOB’s (Video)

“Homicide, penacide, suicide/What side am I on?”-Charles Hamilton on “Maybeline”

“Maybe it’s because I have a penis/But it’s hard for me to not glance at your cleavage/And maybe I’m more Quagmire than Cleavland/But I was born in Ohio, I’m used to soft speaking.”-Charles Hamilton on “DSW”

Charles Hamilton- Maybeline <-Preview + Download Link

Charles Hamilton- DSW <-Preview + Download Link

Two (DOPE) new tracks off of Charles Hamilton’s next installment in The Hamilitization Process, The L Word. Apparently all the songs on this mixtape are going to be geared toward or at least inspired by females. Don’t think that The L Word is going to be a bunch of soft spoken love songs, these two songs show the potential range of this mixtape. Whether it be the sexually charged jocularity of “DSW” or the morbidity of “Maybeline”, sounds like sir Charles is going to cover “love” as a whole. Pretty (DOPE) idea. READ MORE to watch Charlie perform “Brooklyn Girl” and “Stutter” at SOB’s this past Thursday.

“I’m about to black on blog tonight”-Charles Hamilton in above video


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