Joe Budden- “Overkill” (feat./ Heartbreak) + “Sidetracked” + “The Soul”

“They at rock bottom, they can’t even fall off.”-Joe Budden on “Overkill”

“I turned the radio on, heard a beat, sick/I know I could murder it better than he did.”-Joe Budden on “Sidetracked”

“Damn I miss the good ol’ days, when we had soul.”-Joe Budden on “The Soul”

Joe Budden feat./ Heartbreak- Overkill <-Preview + Download Link

Joe Budden- Sidetracked <-Preview + Download Link

Joe Budden- The Soul <-Preview + Download Link

HALFWAY HOUSE….OCTOBER 28TH….SOUNDING TYPE (DOPE). He spits his ill “freestyle” verse from his Cypher with Charles Hamilton on Green Lantern’s radio show on “Overkill” and simply blacks out on “Sidetracked”. “The Soul” is just that, Joey baring his soul in a retrospective view of his life over some light crooning and warm horns. (DOPE) gorgeous track. The other spitter, Heartbreak (everybody heartbroken these days?) was pretty (DOPE) himself going toe-to-toe with Joe on “Overkill”. Now, lets hope and pray that Halfway House doesn’t end up like Padded Room…or The Growth….or pushed back like Mood Muzik III..or like ALL of his music post-Def Jam. JERZ!!

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