The Whack, The Iight and The (DOPE) Daily News

The Whack

Fake New York

“We’re really good people. We just talk TOO much.”-Tiffany “New York” Pollard in above video

First of all, this chick is from Utica, New York but makes it out to be like she’s from the city. Second of all, she acts 24/7. So there’s no possible way I can view ANYTHING she says as real. When you act the same in reality shows as you do in…well..reality, no one will take ANYTHING you say serious. Especially when less than 3 weeks ago she was shitting on her relationship and weight. And her “mother”(not sure about that one) claiming Jennifer’s fiance doesn’t love her based on her “psychic powers.” I’m all for uniting in a time of grief, but the fact that she had to PUBLICLY ANNOUNCE that she supports Jennifer just screams “publicity please!” I’m sure there are hundreds of personal people who found ways to contact Jennifer in a private manner that was more genuine than recording a video in some parking lot that looks like she just said “oh lets get this shit over with now and here.” I never thought in my 20 years of being a New Yorker that I’d say this but..FUCK NEW YORK!

The iight

G Dep…the new King of Harlem

G Dep- King of Harlem

“I spit it from tongue, project from the larnyx/when I make flows, make notes like a clarinet.”-G Dep on “King of Harlem”

THE EPITOME OF EHHHHH. That’s what this video and song is. It’s AMAZING to see Dep is back and is spitting some pretty (DOPE) lyrics. But Dep, show SOME animation in your facial features. Some PERSONALITY. Don’t you remember, THAT’S what made you famous. I mean you can be hard and still have personality. Don’t you remember? But it’s iight. Good to have you back, Deputy.

The (DOPE)

Red Cafe & Cory Gunz Freestyle on DJ Enuff‘s A-List Radio

“Yea, yea, yea, yea, feel that fo fo/ BLACKA! BLACKA! Hello Moto.”– Red Cafe on DJ Enuff’s A List Radio Freestyle

“Pun we start to war, no need to pring the 4’s out/We (smack him in the mouth) dump the pound, flip it (Boom then I knock him out).”-Cory Gunz on DJ Enuff’s A-List Radio Freestyle

GOOOOODDDDDDD FUCKEN LAWD! I know for a fact what Cory was spitting WASN’T a freestyle(no need to put the ” “) and Red Cafe had his eyes on his Blackberry like he just saw Mya naked while he was spitting and we all know what THAT means. But Cory spitting seamlessly being interposed with ‘Pun lyrics is FUCKEN GENIUS and this kid is super fucken (DOPE). His 2nd verse was pretty ill too, but the Pun one had me rewinding about 3 or 4(lying, 40) times. Keep it up man. Seriously, keep the (DOPE) alive. Red Cafe….well he’s ight but that “Hello Moto” for some reason is not leaving my head. BLACKA! BLACKA! Hello Moto. See.

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