Quick Fix

DopeIsAsDopeDoes is almost done with its return and here’s a list of things you SHOULD and SHOULD NOT expect to see in the new and IMPROVED DopeIsAsDopeDoes:


  • Weekly Album Reviews(unsigned and signed artists are all fair game)
  • Streaming music 
  • Exclusive content from signed and unsigned artists
  • More reader interaction


  • COMPLETELY new design
  • vlog(well..maybe..who knows)

Just so you people dont think Im lying about the MORE (DOPE) (aint trying to be like her) here is a random assortment of (DOPE) I been listening to lately that should hold you over until we’re ready to be up and running again:

Charles Hamilton- The Pink Lavalamp (Album…mixtape….something or other)

    Key Tracks: Music (Intro),  She’s So High (ONLY listen when you’re alone, preferably under SOME sort of influence), Writing In The Sky (CLASSIC sample!!)

Evidence- The Layover EP 

   Key Tracks: The Layover, For Whom The Bell Tolls, So Fresh (SMOOTH AS FUCKEN HELL!!)

DJ Premier Speaks on Notorious B.I.G.


“Biggie: Just do the Preemo Thing.” (Just think, 5 G’s could’ve prevented us from knowing how UNBELIEVABLE B.I.G. was)

Cory Gunz REVERSES “Heartless”

Key Rhyme: “I’ll have you ducking everytime you hear the leaves blow/I’ll have ya ass scared to walk under a tree, yo”-Cory Gunz on “Heartless (Re-Versed)”

I PRAY Cory doesnt end up have a HUGE undergound following and then….NOTHING. (See: Papoose)

Ghostface feat./ Jadakiss, Raekwon, Freeway & Lil Wayne- Run (remix) (Preview + Download)

Key Rhyme: “Aint no honor amongst theives/please/Plus they heard I was getting  Parmasean cheese.”- Raekwon on “Run (Remix)”

RAE..we needed more. Freeway…unless you have strep throat (which doesnt stop Jada from laughing) or you’re contractually obligated to sound like a sedated version of yourself, then there is NO LOGICAL reason we didnt get THIS Freeway on a track that DEMANDS it! Still (DOPE) 



That’s enough….right?

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