Astonish- “Next Time” (Prod. by DJ Monky) + Bonus Cut: “Can U Hear Me” (Video)


“I’m trying to to stay in the game the whole nine innings/She said ‘oh my, I cant take the whole nine inches.”-Astonish from “Next Time”

Astonish- Next Time (Prod. by DJ Monky) <-Preview + Download Link

Props to Fake Shore Drive for helping me discover this (DOPE) MC. Ok, so here’s my story with Astonish. TOTALLY ignored him when I saw him freestyle with Blu, gained some more interest when he killed a solo freestyle (That (DOPE) “far from alert” line is STILL in my head) and now, after this song, I OFFICIALLY fucks with this dude. This track is butterscotch melted on satin sheets smooth (might use that for a song, COPYRIGHT). Signed to Molemen Records, he apparently dropped an EP called From Now Until Forever. Check him out at his myspace. READ MORE to check out the video for the first single, “Can U Hear Me”. (DOPE)

Astonish- “Can U Hear Me”

“Niggas don’t even know what Hip Hop is/And question if it’s alive on some 2Pac shit. It’s alive.Astonish on “Can U Hear Me”

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