Late Night Digging III

Jay-Z feat./ Gwen Dickey- “Wishing on A Star”

“…breaking day in the club/surrounded by my own thoughts, playing the cut.”– Jay-Z on “Wishing on A Star”

NOOOOO “Late Night Digging” is not ONLY going to post songs by Jay-Z and Nas, it’s just that this song SOUNDS like underground, grimey hip hop. Everything from the muffled-quality of Jay’s vocals and the rough sampling and arrangement of the beat to the retrospective tales of the hood…this is a time capsule of mid-90’s Hip Hop. Produced by Trackmasters(so you KNOWWWW it’s old) and wait…THIS SHIT HAD A VIDEO!! Pretty cinematic(Like all of Jay’s videos from Reasonable Doubt and Vol. 1). This is how rare this shit is. It’s on the EUROPEAN BONUS SONG of In My Lifetime Vol. 1. I know some serious Hip Hop heads are reading this like..”THIS NIGGA LATE!!” But hey, ain’t nothing wrong with some reminiscing. 


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