Uncut (DOPE)- Phantastic 2


In Hip Hop, duos are usually GOLDEN. Clipse. Gangstarr. Kid N Play Kriss Kross EPMD. Especially when it’s a producer/MC duo ( a la Kidz In Tha Hall) because there’s a bond between the beats and the artist. The artist and the producer grow a keen affinity and that makes the songs sound seamless rather than forced. Which is why Return of the Mac > HNIC 2. And this is the case of the Phantastic 2.  

Phantastic 2

Members: Mouse (MC) , The Prime Sinthesizah (Producer)

Location: North Carolina and Nebraska

Contact: Phantastic 2’s Myspace/Mouse’s Myspace/Prime Sinthesizah’s Myspace

(DOPE)st Songs: “Remember The Avenue” & “One Day At A Time”

(DOPE) fact: These two have never met face to face but exchange music and vocals online.

“One Day At A Time” from the album The Writer Meets The Director 

“…ahead of my time, I’m going Back to the Future.– Mouse on “One Day At A Time”

Mouse (MC) from Nebraska and The Prime Sithesizah (Producer) from North Carolina have never met but have formed this sonic bond that is undeniable and created the grand opus, The Writer Meets the Director. Mouse’s brand of multi-syllabalic flow mixed with a nasal delivery (of course reminiscenet of the Infinite Eminem) sounds perfectly at home over Prime’s soft beats. Songs such as the first single, “One Day At A Time” and the standout reflective joint, “Remember The Avenue” display the potential this union possesses. The mere fact that they never met, yet they fit perfectly like a glove just shows the bonding power music has…these two guys, Phantastic 2 are examples of that. 

Check out my personal favorite track from the album, “Remember the Avenue” and download the album from the link below.

The Writer Meets The Director <-Download Link

“Remember The Avenue” from the album, The Writer Meets The Director

“But every milestone I pass contains the names of casualties”– Mouse on “Remember The Avenue”

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