Rapper Big Pooh- The Comeback (Prod. by Khrysis) + Just Friends (Prod. By Khrysis)


Rapper Big Pooh- The Comeback (Prod. by Khrysis) <-Preview + Download Link

“Knowledge is a weapon, so I’m packing my tool”-Rapper Big Pooh on “The Comeback”

Apparently (as you can tell from the picture) is off of Rapper Big Pooh’s upcoming album, “Delightful Bars: The Four Flavored Album”. Now, before I start praising Big Pooh for efforlessly demolishing another Khrysis classic beat let me just say…KHRYSIS IS THAT DUDE!! He laced Joey with some ill shit for Mood Muszick II (I never know how to spell tha MUSIC) and recently delivered Evidence with one the best beats Evidence will ever have with “For Whom The Bell Tolls” which features the OTHER half of Little Brother(like how I did that, right?) And Big Pooh has always been consistent with his rhymes since The Minstrel Show and does not disappoint. And with a subtitle like The Four Flavored Album there might be some conceptual brillance being cooked up.

What you got planned Pooh?

READ MORE to peep these two’s earlier effort together on Pooh’s slept-on debut album Sleepers (pun KINDA intended) entitld, “Just Friends”

 Just Friends (Prod. By Khrysis)

“Do you hear what I’m SAYYYYYYYYYYYING/Cause this +KID+ aint +PLAY+ing.”– Rapper Big Pooh on “Just Friends”

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