The Whack, The Iight and The (DOPE) Daily News

The Whack

Easy being treated greasy!


This is going to bring a tear and scoff to EVERY Hip Hop head. According to the good folk at, Easy Mo Bee will not healm the duties of scoring the highly “anticipated” biopic of “rap’s Alfred Hitchcock”, Notorious. According to Easy Mo, he had a contract AND monetary compensation for him to score the movie, but wasn’t even used..not ONLY that he found out AFTER they finished production of the movie. HAVE SOME FUCKEN RESPECT. This is the man who is SINGLE HANDEDLY responsible for crafting Biggie’s most recognizable Hip Hop classics (“Warning”, “The What”, “Gimmie The Loot”..and the list goes on.) But it gets even WHACKER..the legendary producer isnt even REPRESENTED IN THE BIOPIC!! WTF?!!! The man who helped make HALF of Biggie’s BEST album and one of the TOP 5 Hip Hop albums ever isnt represented in teh “bio”pic.(The director/writer does know “bio” means LIFE..right?) This just makes me think this movie is just going to focus on the personal life of Biggie..instead of what made Biggie..Biggie..THE MUSIC. Cant wait for Rap Phenomeon.

The Iight

Eminem is…happy.


Ok..uh..this can be a cause for concern. Emienm tells the Esquire(I know Craze…we’re gon avoid them) that he is a “happier person” and isn’t self-loathing like he used to be. In all fairness he kinda calms the concerns by saying that “the aggression will still be there” in the new music. Hmmm..I dont know. When Em is sounding “happy” it could turn out to be GENIUS but just as likely, it can be WHACK. Here’s hoping for the former…the former in the sentence..the former Eminem…the FORMER EVERYTHING. EHHHHH EM. EHHHH

The (DOPE)

Past and Future meet in the Present

“The art flow is surrounded by borders/And I signatured the lower right corner.”-Mickey Factz in the Spit Ya Game “freestyle”

This..THIS RIGHT what can save Hip Hop(it’s not LOST or DEAD yet..but it is WANDERING and WEAK). New School spitter Mickey Factz AND legendary edutainer KRS-One spit some (DOPE) “freestyles”. Mickey’s extended metaphor of drawing combined with the lesson in Democracy by KRS is a refreshing juxtaposition that just goes to show that versatility in Hip Hop exists. With all these HUGE collaborations, in the park freestyle’s starting to feel like the 90’s again. Yes, THE 90’S.Dont forget..even the 90’s had WHACK music.


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