Wordsmith feat./ Skyzoo, Donny Goines, UnLearn & RAtheMC- “Game, Set, Match” (Prod. by Street Level) + “The Ghost In My Dreams” (Prod. by Guilty J)


Wordsmith feat./ Skyzoo, Donny Goines, UnLearn & RAtheMC- Game, Set, Match (Prod. by Street Level) <-Preview + Download Link

Wordsmith- The Ghost In My Dreams (Prod. Guilty J) <-Preview + Download Link

“…Getting them nervous/They take the Bible/Put it next to my rhymebook and argue who got the better verses.”-UnLearn on “Game, Set, Match”

“I was stopping death by the day/Even stopped the plot to go and kill MLK.“-Wordsmith on “The Ghost In My Dreams”

WOW!! and IM A DUMBASS!!! are the only two responses that come from me after blessing my ears with these two pieces of (DOPE). WOW!!! because “Game, Set, Match” finds Wordsmith, Skyzoo AND Donny Goines (proven lyrical beasts) demolishing Street Level’s boom-bap groove with relative unknowns UnLearn and RAtheMC(both who show impress quite well). And “The Ghost In My Dreams”…I cant even describe the narrative genius of that song..1. Because it’d ruin the narrative genius and 2. Because you have to hear it to believe it. IM A DUMBASS!!! because I’ve only recently been getting up on the RESERVIOR OF (DOPE)NESS that Wordsmith possesses. These are off of the Hip Hop DX Presents The 2008 Resolution & Re-Cap Mixtape.


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