DJ Scratch thinks “EPMD stands for Erick And Parrish Making Diddly Squat”


Via MissInfo’s blog I’ll let DJ Scratch explain:

“As the world knows, EPMD decided to record a new album without DJ Scratch & they also toured all summer without him. This desperate but tragic decision by EPMD totally disgusted loyal fans, radio, club and battle DJ’s around the world.

Fans from around the world are outraged shouting.. “EPMD without DJ Scratch is like RUN DMC without Jam Master Jay!”.

EPMD’s 7th album “We Mean Business” hit the stores December 9th 2008.
Their sales in the first week was a tragic (2726) copies according to Soundscan.

So now.. EPMD stands for Erick And Parrish Making Diddly Squat.

Rappers remember.. DJ’s run this shit.
You make it & we break it!
If you shit on one of the Greatest Hip Hop DJ’s Of All Time what do you think will happen?

History shows when the rapper goes against the DJ the rapper never wins.

CL Smooth vs Pete Rock, Guru vs Preemo, Melle Mel vs Grandmaster Flash, Kane vs Mister Cee. It never turns out good for the rapper.

Classic Material”

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