Quick Fix II

Due to the fact that I am going to be holed up in the studio ALLLLL day today trying to bang out tracks for the upcoming mixtape Where’s Karnage? (more info on that later LATER in this blog’s life). So here are some goodies(some old..some young) to hold you over for a bit.

Roc Boys Unreleased Trailer

Vodpod videos no longer available.
Rik Cordero and the crew at 3-2-1 Films go back on their Blue Magic grind for “Roc Boys” and AGAIN..I prefer this over the actual video version.

The Notorious B.I.G. feat./ Method Man- The What (Original Version with UNHEARD lyrics)

“Grab your gangster chronicles and turn to page 666/The holocaust, BIG the merciless. Hurry up and close the gate/When my freestyle escapes/I’m giving young minds statutory rape.”-Notorious B.I.G. on “The What? (Original Version)”

From the DJ Semi’s Ready To Die: The O.G. Version is the ORIGINAL(and in my opinion (DOPE)r) version of the classic BIG-Meth collabo, “The What”. Those above rhymes are apart of the TOTALLY different first verse and while I love the fact that BIG can “throw dick to dykes”, I’d much rather hear him give “young minds statutory rape”. Don’t judge me. Just enjoy the (DOPE)ness.

Charles Hamilton- 10 Minutes

“It’s a difficult job to be C/But I spit too many letters with this difficult-T(difficulty)“-Charles Hamilton on “10 Minutes”

The (DOPE) thing about Charles Hamilton is that he raps like he’s talking to you in almost EVERY SONG so pretty avid listeners grow a delusional friendship with him. Also is because he flips samples with the best of them. Here for the Sonic The Hamilton track, “10 Minutes” he flips the “Casino Night” song from one of those AMAZING Sonic games for Sega Genesis. (DOPE)!

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