Saigon Shows His Internal Dichotomy Between Genius and Idiot (Video)

Saigon on Jumpoff TV

“You could say metaphoric bars and make people laugh, that don’t make you nice, G….nobody cares about you.”-Saigon on JumpoffTV

“That’s part of the afterparty, if you want an afterparty before I get there, you gotta take us around, talk to some at-risk kids”-Saigon on JumpoffTV

It’s official…Saigon is the HARDEST rapper to like and hate in Hip Hop today. One minute he’ll basically say that verses like Eminem’s verse in “Dead Wrong”, Canibus’ ENTIRE career, Papoose’s “Alphabetical Slaughter”(and majority of HIS career as well)  are not nice. But then say that he only does show if he can talk to the youth that are in precarious circumstances. DAMN YOU SAIGON!!

(For the record, alot of those “change a nigga’s life” lyrics be as fabricated as those “lyrical/spirtual/miracle” lines he says aren’t nice…so I guess veracity isn’t essential in being (DOPE). SMFH)


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