Joell Ortiz feat./ Joe Buddens- Move On + Joell Ortiz vs. Joe Buddens (Video)


Joell Ortiz feat./ Joe Buddens- Move On<-Preview  + Download Link

“If they paint Hip Hop, bet my face be in the picture/If they wrote a rap bible, bet my name be in the scriptures/If shorty say I’m her idol, bet her face be in my zipper.”-Joell Ortiz on “Move On”

To quote the always inebriated Eminem’s ex-bff  1/4 of the new rap supergroup, Royce Da 5’9, “WELCOME TO THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE!!” Mr. Ortiz and JumpOff Joe Beezie treat the microphone like an interviewer and get pretty personal on this (DOPE) track off of Joell’s upcoming Free Agent mixtape. Don’t let the highlight rhyme fool you, Joell gets crazy personal on this one (“…y’all aint there when them tears are being dried by the sink”). On a lighter note, READ MORE to get a backstory on the making of this song on the latest episode of (*DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNN*) JOEEEEEEEEEE BUDDEN TVVVVV!


“The beat on ‘Renegade’ ain’t moving?!”-Joell Ortiz in “Joell Ortiz vs. Joe Budden (video)”

For the record…if that beat comes on ANYWHERE(I mean Bah Mitzvah’s, baby showers, during sex) my head turns in to a bobble head QUICKLY!!


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