Locksmith vs. Passwurdz (Video) + Locksmith vs. Mistah FAB

“I’m a young Fidel Castro, in the party that Garvey built/You just nigga in the castro, throwing parties like Harvey Milk”-Locksmith in “Locksmith vs. Passwurdz”

GOOOOD FUCKEN LAWWWDD!! Locksmith, apparently of Fight Klub fame(Really?), destroys Passwurdz in this GrindTime hosted battle. If y’all dont know who Harvey Milk is….read this. Then read Locksmith’s line. Then begin to laugh. LOL @ not knowing Lock’s age and height(look’s abou 27 and 6’1 to me). READ MORE to check out Locksmith take on Mistah FAB and see “what happend to that nigga.”

“You probably got more cum in your stomach than in your testicles.”-Locksmith in “Locksmith vs. Mistah FAB”

So Lock had 4 weeks to prepare…and uh…FAB had what…3 minutes?

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