The (DOPE) Revival Movement

During my weekend long HELL of a studio session (more on that later), me and my boi Bombzito(more on him SOON) were talking about how it’s starting to feel like the 90’s. And then I started to think ‘Does anyone remember how (DOPE) the 90’s actually were?’ Ok..lets put it in some sort of perspective. You had the Native Tongues movement which meant A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Jungle Brothers, Leaders of The New School and a bunch of other LEGENDARY groups were all making songs together, cyphering, touring together and just having fun together. Then in another section of Hip Hop you had Nas, Wu Tang, Biggie, Sadat X and madd other (DOPE) cats doing shit together. Even with the West vs. East BULLSHIT, they still made music together. That’s what made the 90’s so (DOPE)pic[again..DOPE EPIC]. It was like a large cypher of INCREDIBLY high levels of (DOPE)ness in a close proximity. Unlike the first half of 2000 where everyone was doing their own thing and dream collaborations were few (“Renegade”, “What’s Happening”). 

But the one thing that remains true about history…it ALWAYS repeats itself.

Now with the emergence of the blogs, vlogs and rise of independent labels..Hip Hop is experiencing a stream of (DOPE)ness it hasn’t experienced in about 10 to 12 years. In replace of The Firm, you got Slaughterhouse. In replace of the collaborative classic albums like Hard To Earn and Mos Def and Talib Kweli are..BlackStar you got Below The Heavens and Sweet Lord. And its not only just the underground. You got “Swagger Like Us“, “Black Republicans“, “One Blood (Remix)“. It’s feeling like that HUGE CYPHER again.

But the underground IS what’s making it the most exciting













The (DOPE) thing about these 3 covers is that these 10 rappers are said to be the future of Hip Hop and the majority of their fame(all of it for alot of them) is from the internet and independent means. Even though some are signed to major labels, they are known from the internet. Mickey Factz giving away free songs through blogs. Charles Hamilton gave way a mixtape every two weeks to blogs. Curren$y gave a way a mixtape a month. The movement is even being shown in the fact that digital sales are out gaining CD sales. The New Music Cartel being the ones breaking artists and world exclusives before radio. EVERY rapper having a blog, vlog, or some form of media connecting them directly to the fans.  Hip Hop is starting to be..dare I say..FUN AGAIN! 

NO I’m not trying to devalue what the 90’s had. NO I’m not trying to OVERhype and OVERanalyze. I’m just trying to explain that when I say (DOPE) is as (DOPE) does I mean Hip Hop is only as (DOPE) as the artists make it. This is the Internet Movement. The Blogger Movement. The…The…

The (DOPE) Revival Movement.

Now please, let Wale explain an aspect of the movement..the migration to the internet..

Wale – “The Perfect Plan” off of The Mixtape About Nothing


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